Chilli Flakes

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Product Specification

Appearance : Red Colored Flakes with Seeds or without Seeds
Moisture : Less than 10 %
Shu (ASTA Method) : 10000- 1,10,000 SHU
Color (ASTA Method) : 80-450 ASTA
Ash Content : Less than 8%
Acid Insoluble Ash : 0.05 – 1.13
Non Volatile Ether Extract : 12.5% Min
Crude Fibre : Less than 30%
Particle Size : 1.2mm – 20mm

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There is a great demand for red Chilli Flakes and its seeds in EU and Asian Markets. With our new de-seeding facility, we provide Chilli Flakes , Chilli Seeds, and other derivatives of Chilli.


Chilli Flakes is a vital seasoning ingredient especially in Italian and Asian Cuisine. We can provide Flakes with Seed or without Seed, to be used in Picking Blends, Sauces & Pizza seasoning.


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